Effective: January 26, 2023

Why are your fees so low?

Recruiting has been way overpriced for far too long. Services can equal between 20-25% of a first year salary which could mean up to $35,000 in paid fees! Our model is to offer simple, affordable hiring for companies of any size. No marked up prices, no hidden fees, you will know the exact cost of every hire.

How does your process work?

We focus on finding the precise fit for your role and provide talent that match your specific criteria rather than just avalanching your in-box with unqualified candidates.

Not only do we qualify, screen, and provide potential candidates, but we also coordinate interviews, provide two-way feedback, and even give negotiation feedback to make the perfect offer.

Do you provide me with candidate resumes?

Resumes are so 2020. Who has time to rummage through and review a stack of resumes? Our candidate scorecard provides you with optimal candidates strengths and weaknesses so you can spend more time engaging with talent and not pulling your hair out!

This almost seems like online shopping?

Yes! We want you to easily browse the open roles you want to fill by just dropping them into your shopping cart. Simply pay 10% upon checkout, and complete the remainder of payment upon first day of employee hire.

What countries do you offer Near-Shore talent from?

Right now, we are excited to offer the top technical talent from Brazil. All candidates are reviewed and vetted for technical and English skills before being a part of our talent pool.

Will you offer developers from different countries?

At the moment we are only working with Brazilian talent, but if there is a country you are interested in sourcing from, please contact us.

How much money does the contractor actually make?

We do not believe in inflated contracting prices, particularly when it comes to agency markups. Not only are we significantly cheaper than most international staffing agencies, but we pay top dollar to our contractors. We take a modest 20% fee of all hourly wages, and everything is passed directly to the contractor themselves.

What roles do you fill for?

Currently, we are focusing on development, product, and design roles. However, we plan to expand into cloud infrastructure, DevOps, sales, account management, and operations in the near future.

What industries do you work in?

Currently, we only work within the technical sector, however if you have a specific need in another industry, please contact us.

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